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Volunteers Needed for the Rescue Weekend - Your Instructors are Practicing!

Do you want a chance to see your Instructor or Divemaster practice doing a rescue?
This event is to encourage divemasters and instructors to refresh their rescue skills before the diving season begins.

Underwater Outlaws Logo Aqua Sport Scuba Center and the Underwater Outlaws are very excited to inform you that approval has been received for the Bow River Cleanup!! Ed from the Calgary Police Marine Unit has worked really hard to get the Outlaws lots of support and prizes.

On Saturday April 30th and Sunday May 1st the Outlaws will be doing the underwater Bow River Clean in conjunction with the City of Calgary's 44th annual pathways and parks cleanup.

All volunteers are invited to a breakfast on Sunday May 1st at 8:30am at the Max Bell Centre (1001 Barlow Trail SE). There is a prize for the most unusual item found above water and a prize this year for the most unusual item found below water! Calgary City Police are an official sponsor. For those that didn't attend last year, Calgary City Police were a huge help in hauling out items from below water. They made sure we were safe in the water and came to collect any large items that we couldn't get into the rafts ourselves. This year we have massive nylon bags that fit inside 12 person rafts. All we have to do is get our raft to a boat launch and a crane will lift out everything we collected. Last year there was quite a bit of media coverage (both the news and newspapers) and I expect this year will be very much the same! Check out last years event on the Outlaws homepage for links to last years coverage.

Dry suits and snorkel gear are recommended. In some of the deeper areas you can scuba, but for the most part snorkeling worked great last year. This means you don't need to be a diver to participate!!

If you don't want to get wet this weekend, no problem!! We will need people to help steer the rafts. Since we need to confirm numbers in order to make sure to get enough rafts per groups of divers, we will need to know who is interested in participating by Monday April 11th. Besides confirming by Monday, you will need to be available to do an orientation at Shanks on April 20 at 7 pm. The contact person is Ed Perkins if anyone has questions. His email is pol3791@calgarypolice.ca. Sorry for the short notice.
Rescue Weekend - May 15th - Volunteers Needed

We are looking for volunteers for May 15th! We will need people to come out to help on the shore; organizing the instructors and divemasters with their rescues, helping to flip burgers, parking, panicking in the water and pretending to be a plain old non-breathing non-responsive diver on the bottom of the lake. Every panicking diver needs an invisible buddy so if you just want to get out and breathe through your regulator and watch what's going on; we need you too.

Aqua Sport's Anniversary Sale is May 28th - Mark your Calendar!

On May 28thAqua Sport is celebrating their 17th year in business. Every year we have a huge sale. Old stock, 2nds from our distributors, and rentals. Everything will be on sale! We are over stocked in everything!!! We will have drysuits, bags,regs and wetsuits on huge discounts. If you were planning on diving in and making one of those big purchases, this is the sale you have been waiting for!
SAIT Logo Aqua Sport Scuba Center and the staff of SAIT's Campus Center would like to invite you and your dive buddies in for a few days of scuba skills review, scuba equipment operational and serviceability checks, and self and buddy rescue. Come join us for Scuba Week - May 3-5th.

Participants will be able to join in all of the sessions held over three nights. If you have not been diving in the last few months, join us and industry professionals for two nights of review and equipment checks and top it off with a night in our Olympic size pool for a dive skill review. All divers, regardless of skill level, are invited to Scuba Week at SAIT.

Divers will have an opportunity to complete a Scuba Skills Tune Up. Participants that have been trained in EFR, First Aid, CPR, AED, Oxygen Therapy and Rescue Diver will be given the opportunity to demonstrate and review their skills. Those divers not already trained in these areas will receive a brief overview of skills and an opportunity to register for these courses.

Tuesday May 3rd (7:00PM – 9:30PM): In this interactive session, participants will review segments of the EFR First Aid, CPR, AED, Oxygen Therapy and Rescue Diver courses. Included in this evening, participants will be able to participate in a webinar hosted by DAN (Divers Alert Network) promoting and supporting underwater diving research and education “Defining Dive Safety”.

Wednesday May 4th (7:00PM – 9:30PM): In this session, participants are invited to bring in their personal dive equipment. Dive equipment professionals will provide an Equipment Review and evaluate each item of your dive gear. Take time to visit the dive equipment show case, where local dive shops will be presenting current and new technologies in scuba diving. Included in this evening participants will be able to participate in a webinar hosted by DAN (Divers Alert Network) promoting and supporting underwater diving research and education “I’m Taking this Medication, Can I Dive”.

Thursday May 5th (7:30PM – 10:00PM): In this session, participants will be able to join dive professionals in the SAIT pool for a complete in-water skill review where scuba diving skills, self rescue skills and buddy rescue skills will be evaluated and suggestions for improvement offered.
Join our Hornby Island Trip May 20,21,and 22

Hornby Island has a diverse number of activities!! Get up in the morning and have a wake up snack, go and do a dive, have breakfast then go and do another dive, then you can go for a bike ride or a hike on their many paths,lunch,supper,desert then end the day with a night dive from shore.Hornby also offers the home of Middle Mountain Mead winery where you can taste their amazing mead!! Mead is a honey wine. No trip is complete without visiting Hornby's co-op store. You have to check out the basement. Hornby offers amazing dives and always a chance to see six gill sharks. $675 plus HST(12%)

There are tons of savings and specials in the store!
Stop by the shop and talk to Charlene and the gang and find out about all sorts of new and exciting items.
P.S. Keep an eye on our website for weekly specials! In stock items only, the posted week only, NO EXCEPTIONS , no rainchecks.

Meet people, go places, do things UNDERWATER

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