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ASSC & DUI bring you a deal on seals!  And no, we don't mean the furry kind!
Alberta's Open Water Dive Season is Open!!

Char's been hard at work on the website and has updated all the courses, trips and upcoming events. Go to http://aquasportscuba.com/UpcomingEvents.php or find our group page under Aqua Sport Scuba Center on Facebook to see all the exciting things about to happen this year. If you need to complete your open water dives, the course schedule is online for you to check out.

Always wanted to take a continuing education course but you blink and summer has passed?...Plan and book your course now so you make that wish a reality. If you're checking out our courses online and you don't find what you want, don't worry, not all our courses are online yet. Give the shop a call and ask about your favorite course. Char and the staff will be happy to help you out. Some examples of courses we are offering this year but have not yet put online are DSAT, TDI, and GUE courses.

Does calling the shop makes you break out in a sweat and shakes?...email cbarker@aquasportscuba.com ask your question and you'll get an email back from Charlene.

No time to sit in a class? We now have online learning. Just go to our webpage and click on eLearning to sign up and work on your classes at your own pace. You only have to come to class to write your final exam; after that, it's all about the diving!

This year, as always, we have a ton of events to keep divers active. Keep checking the website as we update it often.

Here are a few teasers for you:

- On May 15th Greg Mossfeldt is going to do a presentation at Aqua Sport about all of the amazing diving he has done. Greg is a world renowned technical diver. He has more than 2 dozen dives on the famous Andrea Doria shipwreck in New Jersey and has done exploratory dives on virgin wrecks on the east coast. His latest enthusiasm is closed circuit rebreathers. He is an instructor in the Revo, Buddy inspiration , Draeger and Kiss rebreathers. Please come to this presentation to learn more about this kind of diving or just for the excitement of diving. Everyone is welcome. The price is $5 per person. This is just to ensure commitment and we will be proving pizza and pop for dinner. The start time is 5:30pm.

- Aqua Sport is celebrating their 16th year in business. Every year we have a huge sale. Old stock, 2nds from our distributors, rentals and ...well... everything will be on sale. We are over stocked in everything!!! Charlene went order crazy again!! We will have drysuits, bags, regs and wetsuits on huge discounts. If you were planning on diving in and making one of those big purchases, this is the sale you have been waiting for. The Anniversary sale will be May 29.

- Right now, assorted film camera's are on sale for 50% off if you mention this email.

- May is Drysuit Specialty month and in preparation for that, DUI is offering a fantastic deal on seals...and no we don't mean the furry kind. They are offering free ZipSeals on all new DUI Drysuits until the end of July. ZipSeals are a patented DUI innovation that allow you to change your own seals in less than a minute. Most other drysuits glue the their seals onto their suits so if you rip a seal, you have to send it in to be repaired. On a dive trip and rip a seal? With DUI ZipSeals you can just zip on a new one! ZipSeals also allow you to zip on DUI ZipGloves for the warmest and driest hands you’ve ever had! FREE ZIPSEALS include the ZipRings installed on the neck and wrist with ZipSeals!

- DUI has teamed up with PADI and Aqua Sport to offer a special promotion for the month of May. Take the PADI Drysuit Course in the month of May, 2010. Order any new DUI drysuit by June 30, 2010. Provide a copy of your PADI certification card or receipt to your dealer at the time the order is placed and you will receive one of the following two DUI accessory packages:
  1. Purchase a DUI Stock or Select Drysuit and receive a FREE Sport Package!
  2. Purchase a DUI Special Production drysuit and receive a FREE Signature Series Upgrade!
Now, let's get out there and start diving. For those of you that may be a little rusty after our winter, don't forget we have refreshers! Happy Diving!

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Meet people, go places, do things UNDERWATER

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Happy Diving!!

Charlene Barker
Aqua Sport Scuba Center
101 - 3411 20 St. SW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada