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Dave  Elia
Master Scuba Diver Trainer 
MSDT 212194
DAVE "SCOOBS" ELIA:  In 2004 Dave blew his first bubbles in Edmonton in NAIT's pool. from then on he knew that this was going to be the sport for him. On his first open water dive in Victoria he saw a Lion's mane jelly fish with a 22 inch bell and the beauty and grace of these animals created a true passion for the sport. Shortly after obtaining his Advanced open water diver certification Dave got the opportunity to travel throughout Australia hopping down the East coast from dive boat to dive boat doing odd jobs for free diving. Even after 6 months on the great barrier reef Dave still prefers the cold water dives on the West coast. 
FAVORITE DIVE:  Diving reef balls off of Ogden Point that were set out 3 hours prior to the dive. This was after weeks of planning and setting 92 reef balls, each one weighing 450 pounds. Dave and Valerie Muccarelli were the first people to dive this man-made reef. 
COURSES TAUGHT:Altitude Diver, Boat Diver, Deep Diver, Drysuit Diver, Enriched Air, Ice Diver, Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Underwater Naturalist, Underwater Navigation, Night Diver, Peak Performance Buoyancy