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Gary  Jones
DM 211178
BIOGRAPHY:  Originally certified in 1985 on Grand Turk Island in what was then called the British West Indies. My first dives after getting my Open Water Certification were in the northern Great Barrier Reef off Townsville the very next year. I had no idea how lucky I was and I was spoiled. Returning to Calgary from my travels I found it hard to get excited about local diving. Life got busy and without even noticing, my budding dive career got put on ice. 14 years went by and I had only added 8 dives to my logbook! Then one day while in Isla Cozumel for a friends wedding I wandered into a beachfront dive shop, took a refresher course and realized how much I missed diving. By the end of the wedding trip I had fallen back in love with diving and vowed not to lose it again.

After a couple of years of dive holidays I finally enrolled in an Advanced Open Water course in 2001 at AquaSport. Other courses soon followed as I sought to expand my knowledge, improve my dive skills and get involved in the local diving scene. Today, it doesn't matter what the dive conditions are like as I now have the knowledge, skills and equipment to let me enjoy the dive or confidently take a pass.
MEMORABLE DIVES:  Wall - Caicos Trench, Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands
Drift - Yucabe Wall, Isla Cozumel, Mexico
Wall/Drift - Copper Cliffs, Quadra Island, BC
Geography - El Bells & The Blue Hole, Dehab, Red Sea, Egypt
Reef - John Brewer Reef, Townsville, Australia
Hard Corals - Breakfast Bend, Island #9, Similan Islands, Thailand
Big Animals - Silverado, Cocos Island, Costa Rica
Deep - The Blue Hole, Lighthouse Reef, Belize
Night - Pelagic Magic Black Water, Kona, Hawaii
Wreck - HMS Rhone, Salt Island, British Virgin Islands
DIVE RECOMMENDATIONS:  Set goals and then take the appropriate steps to attain them. That may mean buying gear, taking courses, acquiring new skills and of course racking up bottom time. Learning can come in many different forms. Embrace them all and you will find whole new worlds for you to experience.

When traveling, be it for business, family or pleasure if you are keen and have the appropriate skill set, you will find that you can dive anywhere you go. It might be a local river, a flooded mine shaft, an aquarium or maybe just a farmers slough but you will be able to dive. Do a little research, plan ahead and have fun.
LIFE MOTTO:  The day you stop learning is the day you get old!  
ADDITIONAL SPECIALTIES HELD:Altitude Diver, Diver Propulsion Vehicle, Drysuit Diver, Enriched Air, Equipment , Ice Diver, Master Scuba Diver, Multilevel Diver, Oxygen Provider, Wreck Diver