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Irma  Eggenkamp
BIOGRAPHY:  I started diving in 1996 with BSAC when I lived in Lowestoft on England's east coast. The club I joined had it's own boat and each year we went on a trip somewhere in the UK. The main purpose of these trips was wreck diving and they have plenty of those overthere.
I moved back to the Netherlands in 2000 and continued my dive education with the NOB, the Dutch organisation under CMAS. With the club there we went diving in local lakes and occasionally a little further to the coast or to Germany or Denmark.
In 2005 I moved to Calgary. I had already experienced West Coast diving before that and enjoy going there when I can. Since I came to Canada, I'm enjoying exploring the local lakes and river.
Beside diving in cold water, I also occasionally go to nice warm places.  
BEST DIVE:  Each dive and each environment has it's own charm. As long as it's underwater I'm happy. 
DIVED LOCATIONS:  Fresh water: England, The Netherlands, Germany, Canada.
Salt water: England (south and east coast), Scotland (west coast and Scapa Flow), The Netherlands, Denmark, Canada (west coast), Red Sea, Galapagos, Indonesia (Wakatobi), Australia (west coast), Phillipines. 
ADDITIONAL SPECIALTIES HELD:Enriched Air, Ice Diver, Underwater Photography