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Karl  Desjardins
DM 261 775
HISTORY:  I got certified in 1995 at Aqua Sport Scuba Centre. Wasn't very active in diving until 2005, when I met a few active divers and started talking with them. Got involved in diving by taking a refresher course and an Advanced Open Water Course, been hooked in diving ever since. I have taken almost every course provided in PADI's recreational diving. 
CERTS:  OW, AOW, Deep, Wreck, Dry Suit, Ice, PPB, DPV, Fish Id, S&R, Night, Altitude, Dan O2, Nav, Nitrox, Equipment,Rescue, Master Scuba diver, Dive Master. 
FAVORITE DIVES:  So far all of them, everything from low vis dives to fast current and rough sea dives. Also when working and assisting my instructor buddies with their students on any dive courses, especially Open Water courses, Ice and Rescue courses.

Since I enjoy the rescue courses so much, I consider myself as a professional victim just for rescue courses. Where else could you go for a dive, then surface and get rescued or towed back to shore, and be able to do that repeatedly? "Ah" that is just so relaxing! 
ON DIVING:  I enjoy exploring; I find I appreciate the dive more by knowing some of the history of the dive site and the surrounding area. I also like to take photos and videos of the dives.
DIVED LOCATIONS:  Turks and Caicos, Belize, Cozumel, Portugal, Vancouver Island and, Interior of BC, and Mountain lakes of AB.