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Naomi  Gropp
HISTORY::  During the summer of 1998 my sister came home from work and asked if I would be interested in taking a scuba course with her and a few friends. There wasn't a doubt in my mind as I grinned and said "OF COURSE!!" she knew the question really didn't need to be asked! :)

When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would frequently reply 'A mermaid'. Short of surgery, diving is the closest I have found ;) Strange as it is, a small town farm girl from the Saskatchewan desert, I found myself loving water and enjoying my first open water dive in Diefenbaker Lake. I was thrilled that I saw crayfish and got away unscathed from the famous 200+ lb and 9' prehistoric looking sturgeon which can apparently be found in the reservoir... Since then I have dove with sharks and frolicked with Sea Lions while still remembering that nervous feeling and hoping I wouldn't turn and see a sturgeon on my first dive in the crystal clear waters in southern Saskatchewan! ;) 
FAVORITE TYPES OF DIVES::  Wreck, UW Photography for the huge as well as the itty bitty, and don't forget a game of hockey on the wrong side of the ice!
Really a favorite dive is just anywhere I can get my head underwater. 
FAVORITE LOCATION::  The West Coast of Canada (Port Hardy/ Port McNeil) 
LOCATIONS DOVE SO FAR::  Canada: All over Saskatchewan and Alberta, inland BC as well as along the West Coast; Cairns and Melbourne Australia; New Zealand; Akumal and Dos Ojos in Mexico; Freeport to Bimini and back in the Bahamas; Punta Cana Dominican Republic; Varadero and Bay of Pigs in Cuba.