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Scott  Powell
Divemaster Candidate 
MEDITATION:  I was introduced to scuba diving by a friend in the 80's. Every year he would travel to far off oceans. His stories of the aquatic life and his experiences kept me mesmerized. Descriptions like "The Industrial Washing Machine" from the Galapagos, historic tales from Micronesia, exhilaration of cold water and abundant life from the west coast.

It wasn't until I had finished university and had my career going that I decided to take a Discover Scuba class. It was a strange and liberating experience. After, I found that my normally racing thoughts were calmed. That sealed the deal. On a February morning in 2001 off Sechelt BC I became an Open Water Diver. The visibility was great, the water temp was 5 degrees Celsius and I was wearing a wet suit.

Its been said that Scuba is like Yoga or Meditation. For me this is true. No matter what is going on in life the moment my ears are below the water I'm calm.