50% Off ! Pick one of these masks, snorkels, fins and mesh bag and get 50% off at the check out

Pick one of these featured masks, snorkel, fins and mesh bag and receive 50% off at check out.

Why use rental snorkeling equipment when you can own your own, never worn before, equipment for the same price as a week of rentals ! Do you really want to put a mask on that 1000 people have spit in before you ?

Choose from 2 packages of high end snorkeling equipment !! You spent a lot of hard earned money on your vacation so make sure you buy high quality , safe and reliable gear to ensure that you and your family has an amazing underwater adventure ! 

The Bare trio mask fits men amazingly and the Duo fits a narrower ladies face. These soft high quality silicone masks provide a great seal with a soft silicone skirt for comfort and durability ! Both masks come in a tough durable mask case to protect your mask. 

The fastback fins have a soft durable rubber foot pocket for comfort so you can wear them for hours. The fins are all in men's sizes so ladies size 7 shoe is an extra small fin and a ladies size 8 shoe is a small fin. 

The Bare dry snorkel stops water from entering the top of your snorkel when you least expect it. This will prevent you from drinking salt water and make the experience more enjoyable 

The Aqua Sport mesh bag allows you to bring your snorkeling gear down to the beach with additional room for a towel, sunscreen and water. 



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