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Pinnacle 7MM Men's Tempo Wetsuit Size  MLTall

Pinnacle 7MM Men's Tempo Wetsuit Size MLTall


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The Tempo incorporates our patented Merino™ lining and high stretch elastiprene materials, providing the ultimate in warmth and comfort.

  • 7mm thicknesses
  • Pinnacle's patented Merino™ lining adds up to 35% insulating power
  • Next generation Elastiprene titanium lined neoprene throughout the wetsuit is even stretchier and more flexible than the original
  • Rear zipper is equipped with a extra thick spine flap and smoothskin seal to provide spine protection and reduce internal water movement
  • 8" ankle zipper seals make donning and doffing easier, yet seal water out
  • Smooth skin ankle and O-ring wrist seals
    create effective barriers to water entry; trapping body-heated water inside the suit, keeping the diver warm
  • Roll neck dollar with newly redesigned neck closure and smooth skin seal provides a better water barrier and increased comfort
  • Molded rubber shoulder pads help hold BC in place, pad diver's shoulders and prevent suit wear