Bare Neoprene Sock XS ONLY

Bare Neoprene Sock XS ONLY


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A very simple 2mm tall neoprene sock to help keep your feet warm and free from abrasions. These are ideal for inside your wetsuit boots for very long dives where a comfortable dive boot may bite into your feet as they soften up from being in the water a lot. Underwater hockey and rugby players use these to tighten up their fins to give them a faster response time and a more comfortable fit. A snorkeler will use these for protection against  fish and sand abrasion. A drysuit diver might use these to keep their feet warm in their drysuit. A hiker might use these for keeping their feet warm after getting them wet in cold glacier rivers. 

These are clearance socks and the packaging is a little sad but the socks are in pristine condition. Hence the smoking price !!

Fits ladies size 7-9 shoe