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Black Heavyweight G17K Gloves XL Marigold

Black Heavyweight G17K Gloves XL Marigold


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Black Heavyweight G17K Gloves

  • Size: 10/X-Large
  • Length: 12"
  • Thickness: 30-mil
  • Cuff Style: Rolled

Model No.: SAJ996

Manufacturer Model No.: 6438

Sold in Pairs

Marigolds are an economical way to have dry gloves on your suit. They stretch over an existing cuff ring on your drysuit. They are not as durable as the traditional blue dry glove so its important to have a spare set close by or wetsuit gloves as a back up. Divers will get 6-60 dives out of a pair of these gloves. You do need to wear some kind of insulation under these to keep you hands warm and something to allow air to travel from your suit to your hands and back again. Bungee or tubes work great. Size large fits most ladies hands.