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Diverite Black Mask ES125
Diverite Black Mask ES125

Diverite Black Mask ES125


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The ES125 Double Lens Mask is a low volume, low profile mask that provides and excellent range of vision.  The split lens design allows the frame to sit low on the face, and is sealed by a soft, premium quality double seal silicone skirt. A high-impact plastic frame and tempered glass lenses will provide years of quality service.  Adjustable mask strap buckles give a more comfortable fit.  Protective storage box included.

The ES125 Double Lens Mask can be fitted with optical lenses in -1.0 thru -8.0 diopters available in 0.5 increments.   A +2.0 magnification gauge reader lens is also available for the ES125.  Gauge reader lenses use a ground in half-moon shaped magnifier in the bottom of the lenses.


  • Double silicone seal face skirt
  • Tempered glass lenses
  • Flexible mask buckle
  • Optional corrective lenses / gauge reader lenses available
  • Protective storage box
  • 7 oz (198.5 g)
  • TIPS

    A new mask with standard tempered glass lenses will need to be primed before the first use.  Not priming the lenses of a new mask will result in excessive fogging, even with the use of a defog solution.  The recommended method for priming the lenses of a new mask is by using a mild abrasive, such as non-gel toothpaste.  Firmly rub the mild abrasive on the inside of the mask lenses with your finger, and then rinse.  After lenses have been primed, any defog solution will prevent fogging.

    NOTE: Do not use this method on corrective lenses or gauge reader lenses.