Pinnacle Men's 3mm Venture XXL Only

Pinnacle Men's 3mm Venture XXL Only


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The VENTURE is a 3mm one-piece jumpsuit designed for warm-water scuba diving, snorkeling and other watersports. Highly flexible and lightweight, the Venture is available in both adult and children's sizes 

  • One piece jumpsuit made of 3mm titanium lined neoprene throughout
    the suit
  • Mesh finish rubber chest, back and wrist panels reduce wind resistance, ideal for high-speed watersports
  • Smooth skin O-ring wrist seals
  • 3mm zipper flap with handy key pocket
  • All seams are flatlock stitched for added stretch and comfort
  • Lined with comfortable quick-drying, low pile, high stretch nylon
  • Mesh finish on chest provides additional grip for surfing
  • Plastic zipper slider and pull with long zipper leash and Velcro tie-down
  • Duratex kneepads cushion the divers knee and protect the suit, yet are very flexible
  • The ideal wetsuit for snorkeling or other water sport enthusiasts