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Pinnacle Men's Inferno V-Skin Full Suit

Pinnacle Men's Inferno V-Skin Full Suit


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It is the only thermal protection you'll ever need in or around the water. 

  • The Inferno  can be used alone, as a tropical dive suit or layered under the Black Ice drysuit as an extreme cold water system
  • Constructed using a Tri-laminate material with thermal linings inside, high stretch Lycra outside
  • Bi-laminate Merino lined material under that arms is 100% breathable to prevent overheating when out of the water
  • Thumb and heel loops keep suit in place when donning but also allows warm water to circulate through the gloves and boots keeping your extremities warm


  • NEW convenience zip feature (on male suits only)
  • Chest overprint improving water runoff and wind resistance
  • A removable shoulder closure allows you to attach a V-skin Collar, V-skin Merino Hood or 5mm Merino Hood depending on your preference