Seac Fox S White and Pink Mask


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  • COMFORT FIRST: The Seac Fox diving mask features a hypoallergenic silicone skirt made in different thicknesses with special feathered Smooth Edges to improve your comfort
  • GRADUATED LENSES: The Seac Fox can easily become a prescription diving mask thanks to optical lenses from -1.0 to -6.0 (sold separately, according to your prescription)
  • TAKES UP MINIMAL SPACE: The Seac Fox masks is a low volume mask and its strap is made of ultra-resistant silicone that can be adjusted with a practical system of folding buckles that reduce the bulk of the mask
  • PRACTICAL AND RESISTANT: polycarbonate frame, symmetrical tempered glass lenses, resilient and easy to adjust strap; The Seac Fox diving mask case can also be used with other masks
  • RESEARCH AND INNOVATION: Seac Fox is designed for recreational diving but is equally at home being used for Snorkelling and Free Diving.

The Seac Fox is a mask that has been designed for scuba diving, but is equally at home when being used for Snorkelling or Free Diving. It is a high quality low volume mask, with two symmetrical tempered glass lenses, a polycarbonate frame and a soft hypollergenic silicone skirt. The comfort on the face has been improved thanks to the special Smooth feathered Edges. The strap is easy to adjust, has a quick release button, and can be folded during transport to minimize space. The Seac Fox mask also benefits from being able to take optical lenses (sold separately), allow you to customise the mask to your own prescription.