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Seac MX 100 Yoke First and Second Stage regulator

Seac MX 100 Yoke First and Second Stage regulator


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  • Seac MX100 YOKE 300 bar, 1st stage + 2nd stage regulator for scuba diving
  • Balanced 2nd stage is lightweight with low-friction mechanics for easy, natural breathing
  • Environmentally isolated, balanced diaphragm 1st stage delivers consistent performance as tank pressure changes
  • 2 high-pressure outlets and 4 low-pressure outlets
  • 2nd stage Venturi control

MX100 combines safety, high performance, and a robust structure suitable for all divers, even beginners who are looking for a reliable diaphragm regulator. The balanced first stage has a heat exchange system, designed especially for cold water. The removable stainless steel valve seat can easily be replaced during maintenance. The first stage has 2 HP and 4 LP outlets ports. The second stage has a simple Venturi effect lever making it is possible to adjust easily. The OWS front cover design system prevents free-flow even in strong currents. The chromed brass first stage of the MX100, as well as the robust simplicity of the second stage, not only significantly reduces the overall weight of the regulator but also maintenance costs. 
First stage
Balanced first stage designed for increased heat transfer, even in cold water. Removable stainless steel valve seat. 2 high-pressure and 4 low-pressure outlets.
Second stage
Second stage with adjustable Venturi effect by means of a simple lever. The OWS system prevents self-priming in the event of strong current.