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Seacure Mouthpieces
Seacure Mouthpieces

Seacure Mouthpieces


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SeaCure mouthpiece was invented by orthodontist and TMJ (jaw joint) expert, Dr. Randall Moles. Back in the early ’90s, he had a TMJ patient who asked for his advice. She was a diver and was having major problems clenching the standard regulator mouthpieces while diving without experiencing bad jaw pain and headaches. But she loved to dive! What could she do? Dr. Moles began to work on a moldable mouthpiece that would “hang on” to the teeth without the constant clenching required by the standard mouthpiece. It worked for her and she was very grateful. And it has “worked” for thousands of divers since. Many divers do not know what is giving them headaches on dive trips, and once they are using a SeaCure, they no longer have them. Even divers without a jaw problem find a SeaCure mouthpiece to be very, very comfortable. They also find it to stay in with no effort at all, even, we’ve been told, while asleep!

SeaCure 2 –

fits regulator size 1-3/16” x 5/8” or 3.02 cm x 1.59 cm AERIS AQUA LUNG – newer, including Titan (Titan LX is a 4), Legend, Kronos, and Mikron ATOMIC – manufactured post-2005, Z2, Z3, B2, T2X, T3, M1, ST1 BEUCHAT – VS3, VS4, VS8, VX10 DACOR – Viper and Eagle DEEP 6 – Signature Series DIVE RITE – including O2ptima rebreather, but not the Jet Stream 4500 EDGE – Hog and Epic FORTE GENESIS HALCYON – rebreather and regulators HOLLIS (except 500SE is a 4) IDI REGULATORS – no longer in business (all but Osprey which is a size 1) MARES (not MARES MR-12-II, III, IV or V) OCEAN EDGE OCEAN REEF OCEANIC – including the Alpha 10 (cannot fit Alpha 9 or Omega 3) ODYSSEY SCUBA MAX SCUBAPRO – A700, C-series, C350, C370, G250, G260, R195, S620Ti SEA ELITE SHERWOOD – 9000 Series, Maximus, SR1, 1992 and newer Blizzard and Oasis SPORASUB SUBGEAR – SG50, SG30, SG10, Aruba, and Bonaire TIGULLIO TILOS XS SCUBA – Inspire and Brawn ZEAGLE – F8

SeaCure 3 –

same diameter as a Size 1 ( SeaCure 1 – fits regulator size 1-1/8” x 1/2” or 2.86 cm x 1.27 cm ) with double retention ribbing. These regulators do not have the conventional retention lip on the mouthpiece orifice common to all other regulators and therefore no other SeaCure model should be used. AQUA LUNG – older plastic regulators including Micra AQUATEC