Dive Rite Sidewinder Primary 400' Reel

Dive Rite Sidewinder Primary 400' Reel


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Inspired by cave exploration in the 1980's the Dive Rite Sidewinder Primary reel combines a low profile design with an easy to use configuration. By placing the handle on the side, the Sidewinder reel makes switching hands easy while laying line.

Dive Rite Sidewinder reels are designed to be anti-jam using precision machine tolerances between the frame and spool, making it nearly impossible for the line to slip between the spool and the handle. The frame is constructed of aircraft grade hardcoated aluminum, providing extra protection against corrosion. Updated to be compatible with Dive Rite's exclusive QRM system, the Sidewinder series of reels include mounting holes in the frame for the QRM striker (sold separately). Available in a #24 thickness line (400 ft) or #36 thickness line (250 ft), Dive Rite reels use DuPont fiber braided line that provides strength and minimizes fraying. Includes marine grade stainless steel double end bolt snap.

Made in the USA.


  • DuPont Fiber braided line
  • Injection molded polycarbonate spool
  • Marine grade stainless steel axle
  • Aircraft grade hardcoated aluminum frame
  • Marine grade stainless steel double end snap
  • Made in USA

RE50400 – Cave Sidewinder Primary Reel

  • 400 ft (121.9 m) #24 braided line
  • 220 lbs breaking strength

RE50250 – Wreck Sidewinder Primary Reel

  • 50 ft (76.2 m) #36 braided line
  • 350 lbs breaking strength                                                                                               


    1. Before diving with a new reel (or a dry reel that has been in storage), put the reel in a bucket of water and after soaking, pay out the entire length of line and reel it back in. This will moisten the line, precluding it from swelling on the reel and further preventing the possibility of jamming or damaging the spool.
    2. As with most dive equipment, you should rinse your reel with fresh water following each dive. You should also periodically disassemble the reel, and remove any build up of salt or sediment on its internal parts.
    3. Dive Rite recommends pulling some or all of the line off the spool before each dive, then rewinding it neatly but not too tightly, so as to prevent the possibility of jamming during line deployment.
    4. Too much line on the spool can cause jams during initial deployment, if you are having a problem with jams try removing 10 or 15 feet of line.
    5. Different line thicknesses are available for specific applications. The thicker, #36 line is preferred for use on wrecks or any environment where sharp or jagged edges are present and can contribute to line wear.