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Zeagle Envoy II Alternate Air Source

Zeagle Envoy II Alternate Air Source


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Envoy II Octopus

High performance with free-flow control

The economical Envoy II octopus is the same internally as the ZX 2nd stage, but does not have the adjustment knob or the heat exchanger. The Envoy II Octopus has a Venturi Control Lever that allows the diver to set the octopus 2nd stage in the Pre-Dive position until needed.

  • Downstream valve

  • Balanced Diaphragm

  • Dive/Pre Dive Venturi Control

  • Weight: .54 lb. (.26 kg) ( w/o hose)

  • Hose Length: 30 in. (.76 m)

Second Stage Materials:  
Cover:  Flexible Thermoplastic 
Case: Thermoplastic 
Poppet Seat: Elastomer 
O-rings: Buna-N
Diaphragm:  Elastomeric Polymer 
Exhaust Valve: Elastomer 
Mouthpiece:  Silicone